Helping you... Always caring for them!’s the simplest of ideas that work.

Music and memories
a “Chord that will never be Broken!

Global Purple Angel dementia awareness always trying to think of
ways to help people to live a better quality of life


Purple Angel Music strives to offer a better standard of life for people living with Dementia. Our music is interlaced with spoken reminders and prompts reminding listeners to drink and eat at regular intervals, thus reducing the risk of dehydration and lack of nutrition.

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Music has the power…

As carers of loved ones, how many times have you walked into their home and realised the front door is still open from the night before, or the oven has been left on, the lights are on in every room, or even worse, they haven’t consumed any food or drink for hours, or even days on end?

Global Purple Angel dementia awareness have designed and produced this totally unique product offering and stimulating an improved quality of life for people living with dementia. Our specially constructed music systems are interlaced with spoken messages and prompts to remind listeners to drink and eat at regular intervals, thus reducing the risk of daily dehydration and lack of nutrition.

It’s the simplest of ideas that work

The most asked question we get is “What can be done for those living on their own?” And what about those that fall through the net and are forgotten about, or simply lack the benefits of regular home assistance. Not only does this system assist those living with dementia, it also helps sufferers of cognitive problems, or people that are simply becoming a little forgetful?

It’s well documented that music and memories provide a “Chord that will never be Broken”. Whether you have memory problems or not, how many times have you heard a song and thought “WOW” I remember this tune so well? Isn’t it funny how you can always remember who you were with, where you were, how old you were! You easily recall familiar and favourite songs without giving them a second thought. Musical memories are stored deep inside our long term memory, Purple Angel Music stimulates these memories and provides listeners a unique and invaluable opportunity to improve their standard of living.

Every week in our memory cafe we see people with impaired memories “COMING ALIVE”, their faces light up, colour comes back to their cheeks and their eyes light up. No matter how poor their memories are, listeners remarkably sing along to the tunes word for word. The Power of music therapy knows no bounds and is without a doubt one of life’s modern miracles.

The Purple Angel Music System

Imagine a simple and cost effective way to assist people living with Dementia or impaired memory?

Imagine a simple and easy-to-use device pre-loaded with a selection of familiar songs and tunes for a range of musical tastes. Whilst listening to their favourite music imagine the benefits of regular and clear reminders to perform simple tasks such as… ‘Make a cup-of-tea, lock the front door or eat a meal‘?

Once the Purple Angel Music System is activated by a carer or loved one, familiar songs and music are regularly, but not constantly played to the listener. Interlaced with prompts and reminders, the system then provides stimulation to carry out simple but essential daily living tasks. What’s more, the system can remain quiet during the night time and be re-activated the following day. Imagine how powerful this system will be?

(The Purple Angel Music System requires a 30-pin docking station, suitable for an I-pod Nano or I-phone 4  – not supplied) If in doubt as to which docking station to buy, wait until the unit arrives and take it to the shop with you.

We have selected four genres of music that we feel will give a wide range of appeal to the intended listener, they are:


Walk The Line – Jonny Cash

Stand by Your Man – Tammy Wynette

Crazy – Patsy Cline

Joleen – Dolly Parton

Always on my Mind – Willie Nelson

Show Tunes

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Sound of Music

Wish Upon a Star


I Dreamed a Dream

Rock and Roll

In the Ghetto – Elvis Presley

I just can’t help believing – Elvis Presley

The Wonder of You – Elvis Presley

American Trilogy – Elvis Presley

Can’t help falling in Love – Elvis Presley


Fly me to the moon – Frank Sinatra

Summer Wind – Frank Sinatra

When I Fall in love – Nat King Cole

The impossible dream – Andy Williams

Portrait of my love –  Matt Munro

Campari’s songs

Please note: these songs have been totally re-written and are NOT  the original artist, our great friend Michael Campari makes the song totally about the message which is unique and could quite possibly be a better reminder for some people, the songs used are:-

L.O.V.E  –  I’d love a cup of tea, a song to encourage rehydration via cup of tea
Thats Amore – Thats a bath day, a song to encourage taking a shower or bath
Let There be Love- Let there be lunch, a song to encourage eating
Can’t take my eyes off of you – a song to encourage night time requirements, like locking the door and turning off the fire
Come Fly with me – All of the above instructions

As above these songs will come on every two hours and would be best started 1 hour after the user has got up in the morning

All of the above songs are sung by the original artist, on these tracks are subtle messages inserted during anon lyric section, the messages are:

Have you had something to drink
Have you eaten
Have you locked the door
Each message is played twice during the song with the final message  “have you locked the door” being on the very last song. All songs are programmed to come on with a 2 hour gap between each,
when you start the MP3 its best to be approximately one hour after the user has got up in the morning

The Power of Music

Listen to a sample

Music Options

Our players are pre-loaded with any of the 4 music genres.

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